Research opportunities for Clinical Geneticists

Clinical Genetics is a relatively young medical specialty that was born directly from research breakthroughs that opened our understanding into hereditary conditions in the 20th century. The profession of Clinical Genetics has been shaped by the cutting edge of medical research and continues to adapt and grow as the field evolves.
Find out more about some specific opportunities to get involved below.

GRAC is a UK-wide collaborative formed in 2021.

We are a friendly and motivated group looking to conduct early career researcher-led studies.
We aim to initiate and conduct meaningful regional and countrywide projects and audits that will impact clinical practice.
Our group includes representative members from almost every Genomic Medicine Centre.
Our cycle of activities includes inviting project proposals from members, review and feedback of project proposals by advisory board of clinical academics, presenting projects to the group, voting on which projects to take forward.
Once a project has been selected we aim to collect data from across the UK, and results are the shared through posters, publications or presentations.

Contact us to join:

Membership is open to:

  • Clinical Genetics specialty trainees
  • Consultant Clinical Geneticists in early career research (<5yr in a substantive post)
  • Genetic Counsellor trainees
  • Genetic Counsellors in early career research (<5yr in a substantive post)

The committee are:

  • Joint Chair: Lizzie Harris (Consultant Clinical Geneticist, Newcastle)
  • Joint Chair: Verity Hartill (Consultant Clinical Geneticist, Leeds)
  • Secretary: Rachel Theobald (Genetic Counsellor trainee, Newcastle)
  • Secretary: Rebecca Hall (Clinical Genetics specialty trainee, Newcastle)

Last updated: 19 March 2024

The NIHR Genomics and Rare Disease Clinical Research Network (CRN) provides support for conducting and delivering research studies on genetic conditions.

The CRN also has 3 early career researcher (ECR) Representatives, who aim to support ECRs access research in Genomics.

ECRs include genetic trainees, consultants within their first 5 years of CCT, genetic counsellors and scientists.

The CRN ECR Representatives are:

If you have any questions about accessing research and available resources, please feel free to get in touch with one of the ECRs.

Schemes and Support Available

  • The Associate PI Scheme is a six month in-work training opportunity, providing practical experience for healthcare professionals starting their research career. The scheme allows ECRs an opportunity to make a significant contribution to the conduct and delivery of a clinical trial. Associate PIs also receive recognition of their engagement through a certification process endorsed by NIHR and the Royal Colleges.
  • The NIHR Portal provides useful learning modules, including for good clinical practice (GCP).
  • Funding calls are also advertised on the NIHR website.


Further news is accessible through the main website and will be updated here on CGS. Please get in touch if you have any queries.

Last updated: 19 March 2024

Ramy Saad