CGS Medal and Lecture


The CGS Medal is awarded annually for outstanding contributions in the field of clinical genetics, and the recipient delivers the keynote CGS Lecture at the British Society for Genetic Medicine conference. This award was first given in 1984.

Past CGS Medallists

1984 Professor Sir David Weatherall 1994 Dr Peter Rigby 2004 Professor Dian Donnai 2014 Professor Sir Walter Bodmer
1985 Professor David Danks 1995 Dr David Leadbetter 2005 Professor Sydney Brenner 2015 Dr Leslie Biesecker
1986 Professor Frederick Vogel 1996 Professor Paul Polani 2006 Professor Pat Jacobs 2016-7 Professor Han Brunner
1987 Dr Alec Jeffreys 1997 Professor Mark Fergusson 2007 Professor Douglas Higgs 2018 Professor Andrew Wilkie
1988 Dr Victor McKusick 1998 Professor Bryan Sykes 2008 Professor Sir David Lane 2019 Professor Karen Temple
1989 Professor Hans Galjaard 1999 Professor John Todd 2009 Professor Leena Peltonen 2020 Dr Helen Firth
1990 Professor Peter Pearson 2000 Dr Francis Collins 2010 Professor Martin Bobrow 2021 Professor David Fitzpatrick
1991 Professor Mel Greaves 2001 Professor Nicholas Hastie 2011 Professor Veronica van Heyningen 2022 Professor Jill Clayton-Smith
1992 Professor Robert Winston 2002 Professor Dame Kay Davies 2012 Professor Arnold Munnich 2023 Professor Eamonn Maher
1993 Dr Timothy Bishop 2003 Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys 2013 Professor Andrew Hattersley