Specialty Trainees in Clinical Genetics

Specialty Trainees in Clinical Genetics

The CGS is committed to facilitating high standards of training for Specialist Registrars (SpRs or Trainees) in Clinical Genetics. The CGS is represented on the Specialist Advisory Committee (SAC).

The CGS supports trainees by providing:

  • Travel Scholarships
  • Bursaries to assist training
  • Opportunities for presentation at the annual Spring Meeting
  • Prizes for best oral presentation at the annual CGS meeting
  • Prizes for best poster at the British Society of Genetic Medicine Conference
  • Financial support for course organisers

CGS further involves trainees through:

  • Representation on CGS council (2 trainee representatives)
  • Representation on working parties and subcommittees

Other documents:

  • Example case reports for annual assessment [contact CGS office]
  • Trainee logbook pages [contact CGS office]
  • Workforce planning