The 2nd Liverpool ICC Study Day

Start Date: 07/01/2016

End Date: 07/01/2016

Cost: Free

Venue: Liverpool


Dr Victoria McKay & Dr Rob Cooper

Contact Details:

Mrs Pamela Bailey, Quality Improvement Lead, Cheshire & Merseyside Strategic Clinical Networks, NHS England


Inherited Cardiovascular Conditions (ICC) are a group of genetic disorders that primarily affect the heart. They are often complex conditions to manage and sometimes the first indication of disease can be the sudden, unexplained death of an apparently healthy young person. Developments in ICC are allowing those involved in their care to offer more accurate diagnosis and improved clinical management, including better risk assessment for families of those affected. There has been great focus on this group of conditions in the last five years, since the 2009 Foundation for Genomics and Population Health (PHG) document 'Heart to Heart: Services for Inherited Cardiovascular Conditions' was published. It is no longer acceptable for someone at risk of an ICC not to receive timely and expert attention. The 2nd Liverpool ICC Study Day aims to provide clinical updates in some of the major components of Inherited Cardiovascular Conditions. We hope to provide an insight in to the world of clinical genetics for cardiologists, and an understanding of the multi-faceted care of ICC patients in a specialist cardiology centre. We have brought together an excellent faculty of expert speakers and have an agenda designed to educate and entertain. The course is aimed at cardiologists and geneticists of all grades, specialist nurses, genetic counsellors and cardiac physiologists. We hope you can join us. Click the link below to register your interest now.


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