The Human Genome in Healthcare

Start Date: 23/11/2017

End Date: 24/11/2017

Cost: £80-£360 (see Info page for details)

Venue: The Royal Society, London


BSGM, The Genetics Society

This meeting is a joint event between the Genetics Society and the British Society for Genetic Medicine.

Recent technological advances provide the ability to directly access variation within an individual's genome providing vast potential for personalising and improving heathcare. The 'Human Genome in Healthcare' meeting aims explore the science that underpins current and potential future applications of the human genome to inform diagnostics, prognostics and personalisation of therapies.

We have an outstanding line up of speakers from around the world who will provide insight into the approaches through which an individual's genome can be harnessed to improve healthcare.

Sessions will focus on advances in approaches to interpret an individual's genome in the context of rare disease, common complex disease and cancer alongside approaches aiming to provide more effective personalised therapies. The meeting will explore how the impact of variation within an individuals genome is leveraged from a population scale genotypic and phenotypic standpoint and how individuals are increasingly taking control of their own genomic information to inform health and lifestyle decisions.



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