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  • Nomination of CGS consultants for Higher Clinical Excellence Awards

Forms for the 2012 round of the ACCEA procedure are available below.

For full details of the clinical excellence awards, please see the ACCEA website

Members of the Royal College of Physicians of London, can also view the guide to the ACCEA procedure on the  RCP website.

All documents are available for download below.


Form A

Form B

Form D - Research and Innovation

Form E - Teaching and Training

Form F - Leadership and Management


  • Protocol for nomination of CGS members as committee representatives on external committees

From time to time CGS is asked to nominate representatives to sit on advisory committees for a number of organizations, including national committees. At the CGS Council meeting in June 2007 a protocol was agreed.
Protocol (PDF)


  • Consultant Job-planning

CGS Job Planning advice
  • Workforce audit

Workforce planning: future trainees coming through