NIHR Collaborative Group for Genetics in Healthcare

NIHR Collaborative Group for Genetics in Healthcare

The NIHR awarded funds to Professor Sir John Burn to lead and establish the new Collaborative Group for Genetics in Healthcare (CGGH) in 2010.

The CGGH is managed by the National Research Coordinator Dr Gill Borthwick and supported by Lynne Longstaff Communications Administrator.

 The objectives of the CGGH are: 

  • To enhance the acquisition of knowledge needed to speed up the translation of new advances in genetics knowledge and technology into mainstream healthcare
  • To develop the clinical genetics portfolio of the NIHR and UK Clinical Research Network (UKCRN) and ensure that studies funded by NIHR Partners have access to NHS infrastructure for clinical and healthcare research
  • Provide advice and input on genetics research to the NIHR Clinical Research Network (CRN)

The remit of the CGGH is to:

  • Coordinate the further development of a portfolio of clinical genetics research studies within the NIHR and UKCRN Portfolios
  • Coordinate the proposal of new studies and consider studies proposed by others which will be submitted for funding to NIHR partners
  • Provide expert advice to research funders and clinical researchers
  • Liaise with the UKCRNs and relevant expert societies
  • Engage with industry both in relation to study development and technology development