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Carter Medal

Each year, CGS awards the Carter medal, which commemorates the life of the late Cedric Carter, to a person who has made an outstanding contribution to clinical genetics, and invites them to give the Carter Lecture at the British Society for Human Genetics annual conference.

The 2012 Carter lecture will be given by Professor Arnold Munnich

Previous Carter Lecturers:

2011 Professor Veronica van Heyningen Making Eyes: Genes and Networks
2010 Professor Martin Bobrow Reminiscences and speculations on the role of Genetics in Medicine
2009 Professor Leena Peltonen Understanding the molecular basis of complex diseases through genetic analysis of population isolates
2008 Professor Sir David Lane Curing cancer
2007 Professor Douglas Higgs The role of human genetics in our understanding of how genes are switched on and off
2006 Professor  Pat Jacobs (Southampton) A new look at old chromosomes
2005 Professor Sydney Brenner FRS Humanity's genes


Professor Dian Donnai (Manchester)

Dysmorphology and development; from patient to pathway


Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys (Leicester)

Genetic fingerprinting and beyond: exploring human genome diversity and instability


Professor Kay Davies (Oxford)

Muscular Dystrophy - Past, Present and future


Professor Nicolas Hastie (Edinburgh)

Wilms' Tumour and the WT1 tumour supressor gene: Disease, development, evolution and multifunctionality


Dr Francis Collins (Bethesda, USA)

Medical and Societal consequences of the Human Genome Project


Professor John Todd (Cambridge)

Genetics, aetiology, apoptosis and natural selection in type 1 diabetes


Professor Kenneth Kidd (Yale University)

The evolution of modern humans

Professor Kidd was unable to give the lecture because of illness. It was given by:


Professor Bryan Sykes (Oxford)

The sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve


Professor Mark W J Ferguson (Manchester)

Cleft palate - developmental mechanisms


Professor Paul Polani (London)

Human and clinical cytogenetics: origins, evolution and impact


Dr David Ledbetter (Bethseda, Maryland, USA)

Molecular cytogenetics: filling the gap between chromosome bands and single gene analysis


Dr Peter Rigby (London)

Gene Therapy:- the present, the future and the fantasy


Dr Timothy Bishop (Leeds)

Genetic approaches to multifactorial diseases


Professor Robert Winston (London)

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis


Professor Mel Greaves (London)

The Aetiology of Leukaemia


Professor Peter Pearson (Baltimore)

The use of database systems in genome analysis: application in clinical molecular genetics


Professor Hans Galjaard (Rotterdam)

The impact of human genetics on the twenty-first century society


Dr Victor McKusick (Baltimore)

The morbid anatomy of the human genome


Dr Alec Jeffreys (Leicester)

DNA fingerprints and human genetics


Professor Friedrich Vogel (Heidelberg)

Research strategies in human behaviour genetics


Professor David Danks (Melbourne)

Of mice and men, metals and mutations


Professor David J Weatherall (Oxford)

The Molecular Pathology of Thalassaemia: A model for other single gene disorders

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